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At Aditus Science we are constantly improving our services and capabilities. Read more about major events and interesting new developments - past and present.

2010.09.23 - New Design

Update of the Aditus Science website. The new and improved website is re-designed to make it easier to navigate regardless of web browser. We also took the opportunity to update some of the content and pictures. We hope you like the result. If you have any questions or suggestions of improvement do not hesitare to contact us (

2008.04.10 - Control Unit II [Article]

The DM96 makes it is possible for laboratories to scan up to 96 blood samples, three samples an hour, automatic, faster and more ergonomic. As a team it is easier and more relaxing to analyze the results collectively having real-life conversations through the ongoing process. To control and master the DM96 a customized CCU (CellaVision Control Unit) is connected sending images and data to a CellaVision software installed on a PC. Aditus collaborated with Cellavision to reduce devoloping costs. The result was the CCU2 with a FPGA instead of PC104-card that was implemented on the CCU.

2008.03.13 - The Hawk Board [Article]

Visibility Enhancement Technology (V.E.T.) makes it possible to get a clear view when visual colors, movement and contours under conditions like fog, snow, dust, sand, darkness, smoke and haze. The technology also decreases your visual problems under water and within medical imaging and gives a better and clearer view. A collaboration between Aditus Science and Lyyn resulted in a new improved Hawk Board ready to launch in April.


2008.05.26 - New Co-worker

We welcome our new co-worker John Rösevall as a consultant at Aditus Science. He has a Master of Science Degree in Engineering Physics and a PHD in Enviromental Science.

2006.09.13 - New Co-worker

We welcome our new co-worker Peter Dahlin who is a consultant at Aditus Science since a few weeks back. He has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and is an experienced software tester.

2006.03.26 - New Consultants

Aditus Science AB is expanding and has employed new consultants. Since a few weeks Ola Decker and Roger Nilsson have joined the Aditus crew. They are both experienced persons with expert knowledge in development of electronic products.

2005.10.26 - Efficient Development of Embedded System [Article]

By using standard Linux and the right processor, development time can be kept extremely short. This technique saves both development cost and shortens the all important "time-to-market".
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2005.10.10 - Measuring Device for Bioett [Article]

Bioett has developed a system for detecting temperature on goods during refrigerated transport. When Bioett wanted to develop a new detector for reading their RF-tags they contacted Aditus Science. Three months after project start Aditus delivered working prototypes fulfilling all requirements.
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